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The Play Store informs us if we have not used applications for a long time and advises us what to do with them

Google Play Store

In the last two years, the storage space of our terminal It has stopped being a headache and today, most terminals offer us a minimum storage space of 64 GB. In some models, we can expand it using microSD cards.

This has caused many of us to install applications just to test them, even if we use them only once and leave it in our terminal with the excuse of just in case. This causes our terminal, over time not only run out of space, but also affects its performance. Google Play has a solution in mind.

Play store

As we can read in Android World, Google has begun to show notifications to some users informing them that 30 days ago they have not used a certain number of applications, showing us a list of all of them. In addition, from that list, also offers us the option of being able to eliminate them permanently of the device a function that should not take long to extend to other Android users.

The list that Google Play shows us with all the applications that we have not used in the last 30 days, it shows us the date of the last time we executed it, which allows us to get an idea, in addition to serving as a reminder, of the applications that we have installed in our team.

It also allows us to select all the applications we want to delete, by checking the corresponding box, if we do not want to delete each and every one of them. At the moment, this function is available in the Netherlands, where the boys of Android World are located. For now There have been no news about the availability of this function in other countries.

This feature was already available on iOS

The boys of Android Authority have contacted Google to know more details about this function, so as soon as we have more news, we will inform you promptly. iOS introduced a similar function a couple of years ago, a function that is automatically responsible, as long as we have activated this option, to remove applications that we have not used on our device in the last 30 days, conversing all the content we would have created.

It also continues to show the application icon but with a cloud-shaped icon in front of the name, an icon that indicates that the application has been deleted. If we want to reinstall it, we just have to click on it again and in a few seconds it will be available again in our terminal.

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