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The OnePlus 7T Pro will be officially presented in October

OnePlus 7 Pro

These weeks are starting to get the first rumors about the OnePlus 7T Pro, which will be the next high-end of the Chinese brand. At the moment we know little about this brand phone, although there seems to be an official presentation date for it, according to various media that have already revealed it. As usual, it would arrive in autumn.

The Chinese brand usually presents its second high-end in autumn, something that seems to be repeated this year. So in a couple of months we could get to know this OnePlus 7T Pro officially. A new high range for the Chinese brand.

October 15 seems to be the date chosen by the brand. On this date the OnePlus 7T Pro will be officially known. It is a rumor, at the moment, that indicates that this year will be a somewhat earlier presentation than normal. Since the brand usually leaves us with these phones in late October or early November.

Oneplus 7

So there is a major change in this regard by the Chinese brand. We don't know the reason very well whereby this year the presentation is held earlier than normal. Although we must bear in mind that it is a rumor, which does not mean that this is the definitive date.

Therefore, we will expect to have new data shortly by the brand. The OnePlus 7T Pro promises to be an important phone, which according to some rumors could be the first of the brand with 5G. While so far there has been no confirmation about these rumors about the device.

We will be attentive to new details about the OnePlus 7T Pro. The Chinese brand has not confirmed anything so far, but it seems that in a couple of months we can know it officially. Surely, these next weeks will be leaking many more details about this high range.

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