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The iPhone 12 can use the new Apple Watch Series 5 screen

Apple Watch Series 5 Ceramica

The Apple Watch Series 4 brought an important novelty with respect to the screen used in the device. Thanks to the technology of LTPO or Low Temperature Poly-silicon Oxide panel, the efficiency of our watches has been greatly improved, allowing wider screens in a similar body. However, this was only one of the advantages that this feature brought, since it will not be until this year that it shows its true potential.

During the event last September, the company presented its new Apple Watch Series 5 to the world, among other novelties such as the iPhone 11 or the iPhone 11 Pro. And to everyone's surprise, despite not expecting too many news for the Apple Watch, the truth is that it managed to take much of the attention with the arrival of the screen always on. Something possible largely thanks to the LTPO screen that began to integrate the Apple Watch Series 4.

Since the appearance of the watch, it is possible that many have wondered if we could see the same technology on our iPhone soon, as we saw as the Force Touch of the Apple Watch became the next year in the 3D Touch of the iPhone. Fortunately, it seems that Apple also have an interest in seeing these new screens on their phones, and the Korean page The Elec has indicated that they plan to take it to the iPhone in future models, even, we can see its arrival next year.

iPhone 11 pro max camera

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The next iPhone 12 seems like a revolution close to what the iPhone X could have meant or the iPhone 6, so it will not be surprising to see the arrival of this technology to improve the autonomy of the phones. For now we have no more to wait, since we still have almost a full year to move on to the next generation.