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The incredible prices and discounts of the HUAWEI P20

A few days ago, the new flagship of the Chinese company was presented at the Huawei congress in France. Without a doubt, it comes loaded with specifications and features that surpass many other competing terminals. But not only the newHUAWEI P20 It has many high-end specifications, but we can also find a very cheap price, which usually cost different similar smartphones.

In the official page of huawei we can find theHUAWEI P20 for 700 , a price as we have said before very low compared to other similar terminals. But if you are not one of those who buy through the official website of any company, (logical, if you want to save) you will be able to find very interesting discounts. Huawei is doing really well in terms of marketing issues, different operators are offering the P20 at a very exclusive and striking price. For example, although in France they are the first and there are already several companies that deliver the new Huawei terminal, in Spain we can discover the deals that Orange is offering.

huawei p20 mobile

But if we don't want to change company to acquire the newHuawei P20, and we want to buy it separately, we can opt for different companies that have already started to market it. Companies like PhoneHouse sell the new device for 649, or the big one offnac, one of the first to have the smartphone. Fnac has it for sale by649.90but in this case we can add a 20 coupon discount for the members of fnac, and to be able to acquire theHuawei P20 for 629.90