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The 10 best Halloween congratulations for WhatsApp

happy Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and AndroidPhoria is pretty clear. Without a doubt, it is a special date that should be celebrated in a big way. For this reason, we bring you Top 10 Halloween Congratulations for WhatsApp 2019.

Quiet, you are not the only one who enjoys sending congratulations of all kinds through WhatsApp. Now that Halloween is coming, you'll have what it takes to have fun with your friends in the messenger application.

10 Halloween congratulations for WhatsApp 2019

Happy Halloween video

Ideal video to show it to the little ones in the house during Halloween. A fun and spooky story that you can share on WhatsApp to get a smile to whoever you want

Crazy skeleton

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Skulls and skeletons have always been part of Halloween. This simple WhatsApp congratulation includes a smiling skeleton with open arms. Ideal to send it to your friends on Halloween accompanied by the message you want.

Baby videos with Halloween costumes

10 minutes of baby videos with Halloween costumes or reacting to the spooky things that this date entails. Without a doubt, it is worth looking at from beginning to end. Have fun!

Anime imp

Anime imp "width =" 700 "height =" 420

Do you know someone who likes anime? So pack this image so you feel happy during Halloween 2019. You can also tell him to download some of these anime games for Android. On Halloween, everything goes!

Ghost dogs

ghost dogs "width =" 700 "height =" 348

The image speaks for itself. Three dogs dressed as a ghost that you can send by WhatsApp in this Halloween 2019. A simple but fun photo.

Halloween party

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