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Telegram is updated with archived chats and new features

Telegram 5.6 Update May

Telegram is updated again. As usually happens every certain weeks, the messaging application presents a new version, in this case 5.6. In it we find a series of improvements and changes. The app recently introduced new features, such as better message deletion. On this occasion we find changes in its design, in addition to the possibility of archiving chats, among others.

This version of the application is being officially launched since yesterday. Therefore, most likely, most users of Android Telegram are already enjoying these changes in the popular application. We tell you more about all of them below.

Archive chats

Archive Telegram chats

The first change we found on Telegram is the archiving of chats. From now on, we have the possibility to archive conversations in the application. This way you stop having this conversation on the main screen. The conversations we archive are transferred to a special section of archived chats. A good way not to have them on that screen, but without deleting them.

In the event that we receive a notification in said chat, it will be shown again on the initial page. This is only avoided in case we have silenced this conversation. That way it will be kept on file at all times. To archive a chat on Telegram we have to swipe left, as seen in the upper GIF.

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Block actions

The second great function that this Telegram update leaves us They are block actions. Thanks to this feature, we can apply actions to several chats in the application at the same time. So if we want to archive them, delete them, or silence several conversations in the app, we can do so now in a single action.

The only thing that has to be done in this case is to mark the conversations, holding down on them. So, when we have selected those on which we want to do the concrete action, we only have to look at the top of the screen in Telegram. There will show several options with actions to carry out.

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