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SpaceX will have to launch hundreds of rockets in Idle Rocket

Idle Rocket is not the first rocket game that we have to send to space to get as far as possible with him. Although it is another who knows how to play his cards so that we get hooked to his casual games that are not bad and that we do not have to see advertising to continue progressing.

What watching game videos we will double the amount obtained in each new launch SpaceX, but what has been said, if we do not feel like it, we will go from seeing publi. Of course, if you like it enough, we advise you to double point and thus return to the developer the work that will have cost to launch this game to the Google Play Store.


In these days when we see land on two SpaceX rockets At the same time as if we were reading the Tintin comic to the moon, we found several games that emulate that, although always from the comfort that is to do it from our sofa and our wonderful smartphone.

Idle Rocket

Idle Rocket is a new Android game that raises launch rocket left and right to obtain sums of money that allow us to invest in improvements in the speed of the rocket, its fuel tank, increase profits and earn even more money when we are in offline mode without playing it.

Luckily, we can drive our rocket, although from a single press that will start its engines to raise it to the skies. The only thing we have to be very careful not to reach the power limit, since inevitably our mission will go to waste and our shattered rocket. So we must stop the power of the rockets right at the limit and play with the propulsion in order to empty their fuel tanks and reach the greatest number of meters.

Idle Rocket to the skies

How much greater the number of meters reached, higher income. Higher income means more investment in improvements until we are able to pass the thousand I do not know so many meters and move on to the next rocket that, apart from having a cooler design, will have greater power and will allow us to reach more height.


We have a sum of 10 rockets in total and 8 planets We have to explore. Solar System planets that hope that at some point we will put our launch pad to launch a rocket behind another. The planets cost more meters, so arm yourself with patience to launch hundreds of them and thus get larger sums of money to continue investing.

Is what the aerospace industry hasIf you don't invest, you don't win. So we are faced with another rocket game that is pretty good and that as a casual man knows how to play his cards quite well. Practically the difficulty is in not reaching the limit of the engines and letting the rocket lose speed until the engines are restarted and thus go as far as possible. We recommend that you do not let it sit still, but a little earlier, with a little speed, start the engines again to better use the remaining fuel.

Rocket, rocket and more rocket

The truth that knowing how to use the engines there is difference between 100-400 meters and if every time we launch a rocket we get that difference in dollars, it will be noticed in the long run in order to start unlocking new rockets.

Technically Idle Rocket is a well-worked game that, although it has its limitations, has what it takes to let's waste time of our life with leisure What we like most. Good visual style, good rocket design and explosion effects. How cool to see them explode …

Idle Rocket arrives at the Google Play Store as an interesting casual with which to consume minutes and minutes of play to not even realize it. Get ready for the conquest of space with your nameless company that will take you to heaven.