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Sony give two years of support for Android to their best phones


Sony will keep Android updates for two years

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February 2, 2018

sony xperia xz premium phablets

In the middle of the month we told you more about Sony's strategy to continue manufacturing mobiles during this year that has just started. This change of course had a single purpose: To prolong, in theory, the useful life of its terminals. The smartphone market continues to host dozens of new models from many established and inexperienced companies. However, some voices are already talking about a certain saturation that can force decisive decisions.

Following this line, the Japanese brand It has decided to take a new blow of effect and take measures not only in regard to the production of new models, but to the maintenance of existing ones. Here we tell you more about the last decision adopted by the firm and we will see what its most significant repercussions may be.

Updates are maintained

As they pick up from PhoneArena, Sony has decided to continue giving support for Android to its terminals from the moment of its launch, until two years after. This measure can end the uncertainty that falls on users about how long they will receive patches to install significant improvements that can condition the life of the devices. Some of the most important, are linked to security, since in many cases, they include protection against new malware that did not exist when a model or platform saw the light.

Nougat and Marshmallow

Sony's commitment to its flagships

However, this will not reach all mobile technology. Only the high end phablets and some of the average will be the ones that will continue to receive it. In this last category, there is one more conditioner: Support will only continue if it guarantees greater stability of the devices. Everything indicates that the company has taken the witness to others such as Google, which ended its updates to Nougat in the Nexus a year ago.

A successful action?

One of the problems that drag the biggest companies, is the fragmentation. Currently, it is possible to find a multitude of firms that have a large number of devices on the market that, in the end, even end up competing with each other. Sony seems willing to end this phenomenon by reducing the number of models it has for sale today and at the same time, launching fewer terminals every year. If we add this extension of support for Android, do you think it will be a successful set of strategies that will allow you to adapt to the direction of the sector or will its impact be minimal? We leave you with related information such as the incorporation of flexible screens to your next phablets so you can learn more.