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Socialization, why is it so important for a digital platform?

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  • Up to 54 percent of users use a social platform to compare products before buying them

  • In a minute, people make a million views on Twitch, send 188 million emails and create 2.1 million Snaps

  • Also, on a global scale, almost one million dollars are spent and 18.6 million text messages are sent in that period

There is no digital platform that is more powerful than social networks, at least in terms of interaction with users. Of course, some of their Negative effects They have been harshly criticized by some companies and organizations. However, they are still the best bet of brands to stand out among your competitors. In addition, they became both a vehicle and an authority to form popular culture on a global scale.

The success of this type of digital platform is reflected in the success of the industry around it. In figures of Statist, by the end of the year, social networks will collect income equivalent to 43.2 billion dollars. Zariance also notes that more than three billion people spend 116 minutes a day on these sites. That should be added that, according to Oberlo, are the most effective tools for about 73 percent of marketers.

But the effect of social networks goes beyond the same platform. In fact, companies can learn from the mechanisms and functions of these sites to enhance their own digital projects. Many companies look forward to creating their own apps Mobile or exclusive websites to promote and distribute products or services. But with the lessons of agents like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and others, its impact can be much larger.

Socialization on a digital platform: the case of Waze

As it shows from this point, it is enough to see two of the main offers in the navigation market. Both Waze and Maps are apps that not only share functions. Even the mother company of both is the same, Google. The subsidiary has worked hard for differentiate both products. While there are several elements where they differ, the socialization capabilities of the first digital platform make your bet particularly distinctive.

Waze, like Maps, shows drivers where there are possible traffic jams and accidents that may reduce transport times. However, the socialization elements of the first platform allow the reports to be even more precise and rich in context. Not only does the community help, together, to provide a better user experience. In addition, it allows people to, if they wish, socialize through their tools.

Why should your brand platform mimic this concept?

There are several lessons that can be taken from the case of socialization capacity of Waze. The first is that, with the appropriate controls and filters, the generation of content by the user can significantly enrich the value of a service. This is reflected not only with the application of navigation, but in the market of online retail. Previous customer reviews not only allow people to know the best deals. It gives feedback to the business.

Another important point that can be learned from Waze is that implementing socialization does not have to be something so extravagant. Not all companies should put a chat or a wall to share news and add friends. Simple circumstantial publications, annimas, are enough to give this element of community without losing the focus of business. And, at the same time, increase the interaction that exists between the entire public and the company itself.

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