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Samsung shows a new flexible smartphone prototype

Despite all the problems and delays, the Galaxy Fold He returned to the market stronger and with improvements to show us that the company is actually thinking of flexible smartphones like the future, and proof of this is a new video where the South Korean brand shows a new concept that may well be the Galaxy Fold 2.

The video lasts just 25 seconds, and ah you can clearly see that the new design bends differently than the current Galaxy Fold, because instead of bending to the right, it does it down, so now it does not unfold to become on a tablet, but it bends to make it smaller, and unfolds to be the size of a normal smartphone.

Until now, none of the flexible smartphones on the market have opted for this type of design, since both Mate X as the Fold fold in a similar way, and so far it does not seem that they have convinced users that this is the future of smartphones.

TCL has a flexible phone that makes the Galaxy Fold and Mate X look like a child's thing

However, in November Motorola will be able to present its first flexible smartphone, which according to the leaks will be very similar to the concept that Samsung has presented today.

It is likely that this is the future of flexible smartphones in terms of design, as one of the current problems of Galaxy Fold is that it is not exactly the most comfortable equipment to carry in the pants bag or in the hand, so a folding device that becomes smaller is the solution.

Beyond that Samsung does not reveal more details of this prototype, but if we consider that the Galaxy Fold was presented in November last year, we may know more details about the Galaxy Fold 2 at the Korean company developer conference.