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Samsung satellite crashes for selfies from space

The satellite that Samsung sent to the stratosphere to take selfies from space fell sharply on a farm in Michigan, less than two weeks after it was launched.

Nancy Welke, a farmer from the city of Merrill, Michigan, said she heard a loud noise behind her home while she was taking care of her horses. When he approached to see what it was, he realized that an object with two solar panels had crashed there. The device had the words ‘Space Selfie’ on a panel and there was also a piece of white debris with the Samsung logo.

satellite samsung selfies crashes crashesFacebook / Nancy Welke

The woman recorded a video of the device, which went up to her social networks saying: This baby fell from the sky and landed in our garden. There is never a boring day at Welke farm. Thank God there are no horses outside or I don't hit the house. ” Amid the rubble, Welke also found two large cameras and a Samsung smart phone, which were still intact and "buzzing."

Actually it was not a satellite as such, but a high-altitude balloon was used to lift a box with solar panels containing the phone, with the hope that it reaches up to 65,000 feet (about 20,000 meters), although not yet It is clear if he reached this height before crashing into the Earth.

The pseudo satellite and the devices were part of the #SpaceSelfie campaign of the South Korean tech giant, which was launched with drums and cymbals on October 16 with the hope of offering people "the opportunity to have their face in space." The satellite is supposed to continue its trajectory until October 31 to demonstrate the 5G capabilities of the company and the resistance of its new Galaxy S10 5G smart phone.

The project, carried out in a collaboration with Flightline Films, was aimed at a Galaxy S10 5G gravitate for 200 hours at the edge of the Earth's atmosphere confirming the potential and capacity of Samsung products.

So far, only astronauts have had the opportunity to take a selfie in space. Now, thanks to this initiative, consumers will have the opportunity to see their face in space, directly from the palm of their hands, Samsung had said when launching this project. However, after the resounding each of its satellite, it seems that, in effect, it will be only astronauts who can take a space selfie.

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