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Puzzle Adventure is one of the puzzles of the year

Mindsweeper: Puzzle Adventure is a new puzzle for Android in which we will get fully into a world of imagination and mind and in which we have recovered memories. A game of those points and solves with a great background and everything you need to find yourself before hundreds of mysteries.

In a 3D world and in which we find ourselves before a mansion that we have to explore or a spooky house, we must wander to solve the mysteries that stalk us. To do this we must use objects, solve puzzles in 3D or talk to the characters that we will find. A great puzzle that does not lack anything to enjoy as it should from a smartphone.

So yes

Snapbreak has published in the Google Play Store a great puzzle of those that we like and that has several qualities that make it one of the best arrivals of the year. It has a whole series of stories that transcend a building through which we can wander from an isometric view. The view will zoom in or out depending on the interaction we have with the different elements of the game, such as a man who answers us when we interrogate him or when we have before us the resolution of a puzzle.


At the same time we can combine different objects that we will find in the rooms. In the first minutes of games they will show us all the mechanics, as can be that pick that we introduce in a hole so that with continuous gestures of our fingers we can turn it and thus unlock that puzzle. Everything will pass pleasantly to offer a great gaming experience and, at the same time, of mystery.


History leads us to embody a mercenary of minds and that their work is plunge into the mind of Amy Harris, the doctor who found the cure to the Genetic Plague. So we will find in your mind with those stories that pass from different buildings to others. Each building has its levels and when we manage to complete one, we can move on to the next. In this way we will face a series of mysteries that require us to be as skilled as we can.

Discover mysteries and solve them in Mindsweeper: Puzzle Adventure

The one we have to combine objects, interact with characters, solve puzzles and, above, recover three hidden memories for each mansion, get to put the necessary tip so that the tension is present. If we add to this a great creativity in the riddles to solve more those pieces that are unlocked to give rise to a ladder that opens to our feet or that we have to put on the diver's suit at some time, complete a game of yes that gives a lot to the expert player.


The setting created is also to highlight and a soundtrack with a sound which encourages us to use good headphones so that the experience is completely complete. It is in Spanish, so you will not have any problem in having a scary time in Mindsweeper: Puzzle Adventure, a game that gives exactly where to give so that more players are added to all the experience it generates.


And we are not very fans around here of these games solve riddles and unlock strange mechanisms, especially since they often weigh many failures. But it is that in Mindsweeper: Puzzle Adventure everything is perfect to seem that we are part of something that forces us to continue playing to discover that there is behind that man who asks us for water on the beach or that other that needs a binoculars to look at The horizon from the tower.

A different game

Finally, in Mindsweeper: Puzzle Adventure Everything gives us a quiet time, with the necessary tension so that we can continue playing and giving great moments. Mindsweeper: Puzzle Adventure is a free game in the first levels, but as we complete them we will have to pay for each of the new buildings. Of course, each one full of many mysteries that you will need days to solve.

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