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Our best music selection of the week

Every week, thousands of new songs invade radio stations. With so many options, we fully understand that you don't want to spend your time looking for the ones that are worth it. Do you want to know what is the music of the week that you should listen to? It is part of our mission and, therefore, in this article we intend to save you time and headaches. Below, we show you two playlists with the newest and most popular songs from both the Latin market and the Anglo-Saxon spectrum.

Choose the one that best suits your tastes and voila!

Popular songs in Spanish

Popular songs in English

We listen to some of the most publicized and interesting songs every week, and we tell you which ones are worthy of your attention. To find these topics, we search online and listen to everything from popular music blog compositions to the latest releases of major record companies. Then, we choose our favorites based on their style and quality.

For this week, we highlight some albums by Jnus Meyvant, Marika Hackman, Fionn Regan, Pete Yorn and Ra Ra Riot. And, in addition, some premieres of Latin artists, such as Tini, Becky G and Pedro Cap.

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And not only music is lived. We also have lists of the best movies and the best Netflix series, as well as news from Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and HBO, which offer a lot of new jewelry to catch viewers.

* Updated by Mara Teresa Lopes on August 20, 2019.

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