OmniOutliner, the App to Organize on iPad and iPad 2

OmniOutliner, the App to Organize on iPad and iPad 2

OmniOutliner is the last creation of Omni Group for iPad and iPad 2, a very interesting and peculiar project and idea organizer that can already be found in the App Store.

The application allows us to change our projects in several ways, starting with something very simple like a blank sheet, even very interesting ways to customize.

OmniOutliner It focuses on seven main reasons, depending on what we want to do we will opt for this application or another. Let's see them:

  • Comfort: It is designed to be simple and fast, especially when entering our data. The presence of the keyboard and an editing bar with which we can modify the objects in the easiest way possible
  • Structure: Expand or contract groups to focus on what is most important at a precise time. With a side menu of buttons to add new objects exactly where we need it.
  • Columns: Check boxes, numbers, lists, pop-ups, dates … a follow-up of any different field in each row. With the possibility of being able to hide what we don't want.
  • Styles: The document includes templates and styles, any type of design can be done without problem.
  • Notes: It is possible to write notes to carry out our ideas for future revisions.
  • Share: We allow you to export documents, with direct connection to iDisk, WebDAV or by email. It is also compatible with the Mac version.

Some more screenshots of the application for iPad and iPad 2:

A perfect idea organizer that is complemented by the Mac version.

And the Mac version:

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