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NVIDIA presents the SHIELD TV Pro and the SHIELD TV stick »ERdC

NVIDIA presents the SHIELD TV Pro and the SHIELD TV stick

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NVIDIA has revealed two new products in its line of Android TV devices. The NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro It is an improvement of the popular SHIELD TV. This is joined by a more portable streaming device: the stick SHIELD TV.

What's new in NVIDIA SHIELD TV 2019

New processor Tegra X1 +

Both SHIELD TV ride the Tegra X1 + chip. This has a 256-core NVIDIA GPU. NVIDIA promises a yield increase of up to 25%. The new chipset is based on the same architecture as the previous generation. However, thanks to a size reduction, NVIDIA managed to get more performance.

The Tegra X1 + (model number t210b01) is manufactured by TSMC in a 16 nm process. It has an eight-core CPU consisting of 4 ARM Cortex-A57 cores and 4 ARM Cortex-A53 cores. The GPU presents the Maxwell microarchitecture in a 16 16-core configuration.


The new SHIELD TV enhance image and audio quality with Dolby Vision and HDR10 / HDR10 +. During an informational session, NVIDIA was asked if it plans to take Dolby Vision support to older devices, but the company said it will not be able to do so due to technical limitations. Unfortunately, there is no VP9 Profile 2 support for HDR content on YouTube, since NVIDIA says the processor does not support it.

The new SHIELD now have decoding support suitable for Dolby 5.1 surround sound. That means we will have support for Atmos for Netflix. Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD and DTS-X They are also present in the new SHIELD.

Re-scaled by AI

Thanks to the improvement of SoC Tegra X1 +, NVIDIA uses artificial intelligence (AI) for real-time improvement of video and game content. NVIDIA enters a convolutional neural network (CNN) to predict the difference between the original high-resolution 4K reference videos and scale linear videos. Then, NVIDIA placed the model trained in the processor to accommodate any content that is 720p or 1080p (up to 30 fps) at a higher quality than is possible with traditional scaling (such as bilinear). For example, HD content can be expanded to a quality close to 4K.

We can preview how it looks in real time with a slider. If we don't like the result, we can disable it completely in the configuration. It works with the main video streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etc. It also works with games. We can adjust the level of detail in this mode enhanced by AI between low, medium or high.

There is also a enhanced standard mode which is new in SHIELD TV 2019. It is an improved scale compared to the ?Basic? mode that is present in the 2017 model. It works on all video content, even content at up to 60 fps.

Android 9 Pie with Android TV

Both SHIELD TV products are designed with the latest version of Android TV. NVIDIA promises a home screen customizable and without advertising. Both have full support of Google Cast, he Google Assistant with custom routines and a range of music services, including the recently added Amazon Music. Both devices even work with the Amazon Alexa voice commands, as long as we have speakers or smart screens enabled for Alexa. Finally, when it is released Disney +, be on SHIELD TV with support Dolby Vision and Atmos.