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New Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus announced in the Netherlands

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<p style=We are more than used to seeing how Samsung presents an overwhelming number of terminals throughout the year. We have terminals of all types and of all ranges, even more low-end terminals than the upper ones, which makes having a low-end catalog, as to say … Painful.

Many friends, colleagues and family ask me about these phones and my answer is that they flee the brand to acquire terminals of a range other than the high one, since it is not worth anything and we have other options more than advisable in other brands.

Samsung has let its new terminal be seen, which, it will soon launch in the Netherlands. This terminal is an update of the well-known Samsung Galaxy S5.

This new device enters the Plus range, which is not surprising, since everyone else has an older brother with this denomination. It is nothing but a small change in the device. With respect to design the terminal is identical to its little brother S5, it is more, it would be impossible to distinguish them with the naked eye.

Nor did we find changes in the software of the device, but the change they wanted to make to this device is in the internal hardware. This is the processor, which, proast from being a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 to a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805.

In the next line I can tell you that it is a change to improve performance and that it will be very useful for the device, but that goes, I do not know what you have read on other websites, but this change is only a way to collect the exit price to a terminal With a new processor that you don’t need.

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<p style=That is, if the price of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is around 450 euros at this time, it means that it has been reduced by 300 euros from its starting price. So if Samsung includes the Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 its manufacturing price is not affected at all, but if the sale price, since being a new terminal, Samsung will sell it again for 700 or 750 euros.

If this new chip had brutal performance improvements yet, but we are talking about implementing a SoC created to improve battery performance and processing on terminals that mount 2K screens. Do you see the 2K screen somewhere? me neither?

Which means that it is not something much less necessary, it is just a simple strategy to mark good sales by the end of the year. What I still don’t understand, is that these updates are a sales success.

My recommendation?

If you are thinking of comparing a Samsung Galaxy S5, do not even think about spending money on this ?Plus? version since it is not worth it and your pocket will thank me.

I leave the website where you can see this “Plus” version of the terminal, waiting for it to be commercialized and we can see it through Spain whether we buy it or not …

What do you think of the new version ?plus?? Will you buy this version by changing the processor?

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