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Netflix is ​​in trouble. What can you do to not give up your throne?

The king of streaming content, Netflix, is on the tightrope and at risk of giving up or sharing his throne with several competitors.

A recent report of its earnings as of the second quarter of 2019 indicates that it has not grown as projected. And it is hardly natural that everything has a cap, since it is the first time since 2011 that it has lost subscribers. However, estimates were far from reality. The company expected to win 300,000 customers in the United States between April and June. Instead, he lost more than 100,000, which caused the value of the action to fall and the alarms to go on.

Why this change in the tide? Although Netflix has had sustained growth since its popularity began to grow several years ago, little by little other companies have become interested in this market, taking away the rights to transmit series and films. Such was the case of Friends Y The Office, of NBC, who already left the platform.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg. Disney has a large conglomerate, which includes Fox, LucasFilm, ESPN, 20th Century Fox and Marvel, which means that none of the productions that carry their stamps will be broadcast on Netflix once the Disney Plus streaming service reaches the end of this year

But beyond the implications of large chain acquisitions, Netflix has another big problem: its original productions. Although we have seen fabulous original series, such as The paper house, Crow Club, House of Cards or3%, it is increasingly common to find movies like How it Ends, which – honestly – would have preferred never to have seen. And this is an increasingly growing feeling. Netflix went into producing a large number of films in several countries, but few receive good criticism.

And the serious thing is that the numbers in the United States are a reflection of the global trend. Abroad, 2.83 million subscribers were reported, when 4.8 million were actually expected. Netflix prices increased in several places. In addition, there are surely many people who share their passwords with family and friends. All can be factors that influence this report.

Clearly, the Netflix landscape is going a long way, but it doesn't help that Disney content won't be available when Disney Plus becomes a reality. The only solution that the platform has to compete at this point is to invest more in its original productions. The days of his reign may be numbered, but he still has room to maneuver and fight a good battle, in which the beneficiaries will be the spectators.

The views expressed here belong to the author and do not reflect the beliefs of Digital Trends.

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