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Motorola grows in Latin America and increases Lenovo profits

scar Gutirrez / CNET

Lenovo announced on Thursday May 23 that its division of mobile devices, where Motorola is, continues to grow despite the slowdown in the market in general.

The Asian firm said that Mobile Business Group, its mobile division, generated earnings of US $ 146 million during the entire fiscal year of 2018. This Lenovo division became profitable from the second half of last year and generated profits for the second quarter. in a row, the company said.

Lenovo said its presence in Latin America reached 17.6 percent, a record high. In Latin America, the volume of distribution super market to 59.2 percent, said the company without giving the figure of its presence. "In the rest of the world the inventory is finished with a significant improvement in revenue paving the way to continue growth," Lenovo said.

Lenovo's growth has been marked by several new cell phones, especially for the mid-range. The company has emphasized its presence with cell phones such as Moto G7 and Motorola One as part of its participation in Android One. The company also launched one of the first 5G compatible cell phones in the United States.

The Asian firm, according to rumors, continue to squeeze Motorola's submarines that are well known among consumers. In addition to a high-end telephone informally known as Moto Z4, Lenovo launch the Razr motorcycle, a foldable phone that used the name of one of Motorola's best-known phones in the early 2000s.

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