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Microsoft Edge Microsoft's browser now available for Android

With the release of Windows 10, Microsoft took the opportunity to renew its already somewhat outdated Internet Explorer by giving it a new name as well as many improvements. After a few years, Microsoft wants to continue expanding the number of applications currently offered in the iOS and Android ecosystems. And what better way to do it than making the Microsoft Edge browser available to everyone.

After the resounding failure of Windows 10 Mobile that intends to unify the entire Microsoft ecosystem, it seems that the American company has yielded. Yesterday since Google Play can already be downloaded Download Microsoft Edge. This browser is also available for a few weeks now for iOSa version that, according to various media, will probably have much more future than the Android version, due to lack of attention from manufacturers.

Microsoft Edge

At the moment Microsoft Edge is in a poorly developed phasea and nor it has all the functions that we can find in Windows 10.We have tried it and the truth is that it performs quite well and can be a perfect alternative to the already famous Google Chrome. But without any doubt that the main advantage offered by the Microsoft Edge browser, we find it in the possibility ofOder continue browsing from our smartphone or tablet on PC, just by opening the browser on our computer, which could be a reason more than enough for many Chrome users to think twice when returning to the native Windows 10 browser.

Microsoft Edge

Waiting to see how Microsoft Edge is evolving, Microsoft's famous idea to unify everything in the same ecosystem seems to begin to collapse. Meanwhile here we leave you the Direct link so you can try this Microsoft Edge and incidentally tell us what you think.