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Meitu collaborated with Huawei to improve the algorithm of its cameras

For no one is a secret that Huawei It has some of the best cameras for smartphones on the market, and this was reaffirmed with its P30 Pro, a device that, until recently, was the best of all taking photos in a general section, title that now takes the new Galaxy Note 10+ 5G

The Chinese manufacturer Meitu has realized this, and how not, if the stir that causes Huawei with each launch of a new smartphone does not go unnoticed? In addition, Huawei is always making an appearance in the press, as it is one of the companies that are most placed under the spotlight. For this reason and the benefits that generate collaborate with the intelligence of this company is that Meitu allied with it to improve the photographic section of its cameras through algorithm optimization, something that was recently revealed and we expand below.

HarmonyOS, the new operating system for smartphones that will compete directly with Android, was launched at this year's Huawei Developer Conference, which took place in a recent development. But this was not the only thing that was announced.

Chinese manufacturer Huawei

Meitu, meanwhile, during the event, said that cooperated with Huawei to provide access to system level camera algorithms, in order to satisfy even more the professional needs of the user.

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Cooperation is not beneficial only to Meitu, since Huawei's chief technology officer said that "Meitu's strength and status in the optimization industry is unquestionable". The executive also hinted that most Huawei phone users use the Meitu camera software, so the tech giant invited the Meitu team to perform a special optimization and improvement of its camera application.

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