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list of funniest voice commands

Without a doubt, Google Assistant is the most complete voice assistant. Although Siri and Alexa have tried to reach their great rival, as of today there is no solution that can beat this tool created by the American giant. Your main exponent? Google Home, the family of intelligent speakers of the firm based in Cupertino and, which can give us much more play than we think.

Within the ecosystem of voice commands created around Google Assistant, we have a good number of functionalities that will make our lives easier. Even Google's smart speaker can help us find our phone if we have lost it, which makes it very clear that it is a much more useful tool than you can imagine.

Although, on the other hand, we have some voice commands in the voice assistant that integrates the Google Home family, and that we can also use on any Android device, which gives it a really fun point. And, on more than one occasion, I will get you out of more than a hurry.

Google Home

Fun and really useful commands for Google Home

Let's put ourselves in situation: you are discussing with your partner what to do tonight. Or, she wants to see a movie, but you prefer to see another. What to do in this situation? Then turn to your smart speaker and ask for the following voice order: «Throw a coin in the air ». Yes, I will make the corresponding sound and tell you the result.

Do not you think enough? You can also ask "tell me a number from 1 to 10", or even throw a dice of the faces that you consider appropriate. Ideal for those board games that you have catching dust at home and that, when you want to enjoy them, you have lost the dice.

Another of the funniest commands of Google Home has to do with its ability to tell bad jokes. We warned, very bad. The only thing you have to say is "tell me a joke." Seriously, in a few moments you start laughing. Like, if you're bored, ask him the following: "Tell me something funny." In our last test, we discovered that the kangaroo rat can spend its entire life without drinking water.

Following the most curious voice commands you can ask Google Home, say that you also reproduce the sound of animales. Obviously, his artificial intelligence has a limit, so he cannot reproduce all, but he has a repertoire that will surprise you.

Saying that you have other orders with which to spend time with him Google Home voice assistant. For example, you can ask him what his favorite emoji is, what he thinks of Siri and Alexa, or even where he was born. In short, Google Assistant is a really useful tool that allows you to significantly improve your productivity. But, you can also use it to have fun for a while, learn unimportant but entertaining data or, as we have said before, get you out of more trouble. Throwing a coin in the air can save you a few headaches …