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Konami's Pixel Puzzle Collection to solve pixelated puzzles

Konami has launched to the Android game store A new puzzle game called Pixel Puzzle Collection. A new title for Android with which you can discover those pixels that made this company so linked to recreational machines so popular.

Our mission in Pixel Puzzle Collection will be to solve the pixel puzzles of different graphic elements that we have seen in countless Konami games. A complex, creative and addictive Konami game with which you will inevitably get hooked. Of course, get ready because it is not easy.

Solving pixel puzzles

In Pixel Puzzle Collection we have to go coloring the hollow spaces and leaving other gaps to form a pixelated puzzle that shapes some of Konami's most recognized characters. That is, we will have the possibility to mark a box with an X or paint it with a blue color.

Puzzle Collection

On the top and side we will have the number of holes that we have to draw so that the row or a column is completed. And where is the kit of the matter? Well, you will have to match those lines and columns to fit perfectly. What at the beginning can be an easy task, is getting complicated until we reach the point that we have to ask for help from that tips button.

We say it because the first puzzles will allow us to solve them quite simply. We will find a 5 in a column, which indicates that we must complete the 5 holes with the pencil when coloring them. Since that column of 5 colored holes We can continue solving the rest of the lines and columns so that they fit together. From 2-1, that means we will have a piece of two colored holes and a single one piece.

To discover all those Konami pixels

Best of all, when we solve the puzzle, we will meet some of Konami's most recognized characters. That is, we have a creative tool to draw those pixels that shape a multitude of objects and characters. It has a great point in this regard, since we will discover pixelated coins of some games of Konami or that heart that gave the points of life.


And we talk about titles like Frogger, Against, Bomberman, Castlevania, Gradius, Nemesis, Star Soldier, Crazy Cross and much more. Come on, that for the nostalgic and fans of the puzzles is one of the indispensable. And we repeat again that it is not easy to solve your puzzles. You will have to take your time to solve them, although you will have a timer that will show the time you have taken to solve it to continue to the next level.

Another virtue of Pixel Puzzle Collection is that it is totally free. This means that you can forget about advertising and focus on solving a large number of puzzles of the great Konami with a whole game very Mr.

A quick and intuitive puzzle

It's nice to talk about these games that They look for players to have a great time And forget about unlocking options over time and they look more like slot machines instead of a real game. Konami here has played very well his cards to bring us a free title that you have to prove yes or yes on your phone.

Technically has everything what you can expect from a retro puzzle game from Konami. But let's emphasize that we can discover the design of those pixels that we have seen in numerous games of one of the most mythical companies in this entertainment industry.

Pixel Puzzle Collection is available for free in the Google Play Store for you to solve its large number of puzzles. One of the indispensable in this 2019 for those who like good puzzles and those retro memories. It is already taking time to install this little gem for your Android mobile device and that arrives in the days of meeting SEGA's After Burner.