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Instagram makes it easier to recover hacked accounts

Instagram is finally addressing a big problem on its platform: hacked accounts.

The company

He says he is making a series of changes that will make it easier for people to regain access to a pirated account.

The update comes almost a year after it was first reported that a wave of strange stunts had hit Instagram users, leaving them with few resources to recover their accounts.

With the recently announced changes

They are currently being tested before a wider launch, Instagram will allow users to access their account recovery tools directly in the application, even if a hacker has changed their account information.

Then, when a person cannot log in to an account, Instagram will ask users to enter information associated with their account, such as their email address or phone number.

(Users can also access this through "need more help" on the login screen of the application).


It will send a verification code that you can use to access your account.

Instagram will also remove any other device that has signed into your account, so a hacker who has access to your email cannot use the recovery code.

This may seem quite simple.

But these changes address important problems with the recovery process of the previous Instagram account.

Because hackers often changed the email, phone number or username associated with an account, it could be incredibly difficult, if not impossible, for the account owner to navigate through the automated support system.

The users

They have reported that Instagram has sent recovery emails to the address of their hackers, for example, or that they have inexplicably told them that they could not verify their identity even though they provided the requested information.

This caused some people to resort to more elaborate schemes, such as informing about a pirated account to impersonate or leave voicemails for Instagram support.


This new process makes such movements a thing of the past, since Instagram says its goal is to move the entire account recovery process within the application.

However, an Instagram spokesperson will continue to offer additional assistance to those who need it.