Huawei operating system is still far from ready: report

Huawei operating system is still far from ready: report

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Huawei is preparing its own operating system, although it seems that they are not mature.

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Huawei is "far from ready" to launch its own alternative operating system to Android.

According to a report from The Information, the project of the Chinese telecommunications giant to launch its own operating system "has had its ups and downs and is far from ready." The company is looking for a plan B after Google blocked its Android updates as a result of a veto on Huawei imposed by President Donald Trump.

Although the United States Department of Commerce gave aextension of three months to Huawei To update existing devices, the company is looking for alternatives to continue in the mobile phone market, such as creating its own operating system, called Hongmeng OS.

Hongmeng OS will be the best alternative for the company, since if Google definitely stops supporting its phone, users will stop receiving security updates and the latest versions of Google's own applications such as Google Maps.

Despite all this vorgine of the last days, Huawei continues with its plans and even presented at a special event held in London on May 21 two new phones, its new Honor 20 and Honor 20 Probelonging to his young brand, Honor.

CNET in Spain sent a request for additional comments to Huawei and we will update when we get an answer.

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