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Huawei launch an LCD mobile with fingerprint sensor under the screen

Huawei company

Huawei is being one of the protagonists of the week, after presenting HarmonyOS, its own operating system. Meanwhile, the Chinese manufacturer continues to develop its phones. The Chinese brand has used the fingerprint sensor under the screen in several of its models, especially in the high-end, but this is something that will expand.

So far, it is used alone the fingerprint sensor on OLED or AMOLED panels. But several brands, including Huawei, plan to launch phones with an LCD panel that have a fingerprint sensor under that panel. It seems that the Chinese brand is already preparing for the launch of this model.

The Chinese brand has closed an agreement with BOE, panel producer, to make this possible. It seems that they have gone well and that in the last quarter of this year the production of this first telephone of the Chinese brand would begin. So Huawei would be one of the first to have the fingerprint sensor under an LCD panel.

Huawei Nova 5i

Other brands on Android also work on incorporate the fingerprint sensor under the panel in LCD panels. Xiaomi is another one of them, as already announced a few weeks ago. As we can see that the industry works hard in this regard, and in 2020 they will be a reality.

So the question is which brand will be the first in this case. While it seems that Huawei is already quite advanced in this regard. We don't know at the moment Nothing about this phone than the Chinese brand It is almost ready. Surely it is a model within its mid-range.

Therefore, we hope that there will be more news about Huawei's plans soon. The fingerprint sensor under the screen is somewhat expensive, but the LCD panels are cheaper, so it could help keep the phone price accessible at all times. There may be more news in a few weeks.

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