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How to unlock the ranking in Mario Kart Tour

how to unlock mario kart tour ranking

Mario Kart Tour is a mobile game developed by Nintendo for Android and iOS which brings the Mario Kart experience to the smaller screens. But, if you have reached ac sure you already know what the subject is about and instead you want to know how to unlock the ranking to compete against other players.

To unlock the ranking in Mario Kart Tour you have to complete the Yoshi Cup. This is the third championship in the game, preceded by the Mario Cup and Donkey Kong Cup. The interesting thing is that before each cup there is a tutorial and four courses, which you must follow to enter the respective championship. So that, before passing the Yoshi Cup you will have to play 12 coursesIn addition, you must earn enough stars in each course for the cup to unlock.

Total, You will need 5 stars of the courses to enter the Yoshi Cup. Once all levels are completed, the ranking option will be automatically enabled.

What should you know about the ranking?

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The first thing you should know is that in Mario Kart Tour you can't really compete against other players online. The truth is that artificial intelligence takes different names of competitors to give you a better gaming experience. However, that does not prevent you from comparing your performance with that of other players through the ranking.

The ranking works as follows:

  • Every time you complete a career you earn points according to your performance, the tricks you use and in what position you finish.
  • As you get better, you go up in the ranking. Naturally, this will make the game more difficult.
  • After a while, the game compares the ranking of all players And so you will know where you are.
  • If you get very good scores, you will receive rewards such as rubles and coins.
  • But nevertheless, not all races are part of the ranking, consider this before playing. You know which are part of the ranking by a symbol at the top of the screen.

Can you compete against real players at any time?

Nothing is certain, but We don't think it's too risky to assume that Mario Kart Tour developers will allow it later. Meanwhile, it only remains to be satisfied with comparing your performance with that of other players through the points obtained in the ranking. In addition, you can invite your friends to compare their achievements and see which one is better.

Download Mario Kart Tour, it's worth it

If you are a Mario fan, you cannot miss the opportunity to try Mario Kart Tour. This game perfectly adapts the Mario Kart experience to your mobile screen. It is very good and we hope that it will gradually include more improvements. It is available on Google Play, free.

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