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How to surf the Internet offline from your Android tablet or iPad


How to surf the Internet offline from your Android tablet or iPad

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September 1, 2015

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Today we talk about an application that allows us to save certain Internet pages on our devices, directly from the web, to have them always accessible even if we don't have Connection. His name is Offline Browser and will allow you to comfortably consult the contents of the network from a tablet without mobile data. It is becoming less necessary, of course, to acquire large format devices with 3G or LTE.

Returning to a topic we discussed just yesterday, the possibility of save content In our device to read them later, we will go one more time, providing a different solution for the same purpose. Tablets with mobile connection They are more expensive than those only WiFi and, being a bit organized, we can save money without missing certain features in our equipment.

If we use the Tablet away from home, for example, in the subway or in the cafeteria to read articles, news, etc. and hang out entertaining or informing us, a very viable option is to make a previous scan through our reference websites when we are connected to a network Wifi, select all those contents that attract our attention and then read them at a more propitious moment.

Offline Browser: download and configuration

If we use it on Android, Offline Browser It is an app that fits the material design patterns of Lollipop in its interface, and it's totally free. It also requires very few permits for its installation, with which we ensure that the service is not snooping through remote places of our system, which should not be accessed to perform its function well.

The app was not found in the store

The app was not found in the store

Once we have installed the app, the configuration of this one is very simple. We are on the screen Settings with different options that we can set to our liking. One of the most significant for the experience is Auto-Download New Items, if we tick this box we will save a step when it comes to saving the websites that interest us.

Nexus 9 surf without network