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How to share your location on a trip with Google Maps

Google Maps

Google Maps is the navigation application par excellence on Android. Many users use it when they travel. Something that is very comfortable, thanks to functions in it such as reporting radars or accidents, which allow us to always be aware of what is happening on the road. You may take a trip to visit a person, and you want that person to know where you're going on that road. This is something that can be done.

Because in Google Maps we find the possibility to share our location, in addition to sharing sites with other users. But in this way, another person or a group of people can know where we are on our trip. It is very easy to use this function.

This is a function that also allows us to share this location at that time, to know how high we are on our trip, without having to leave the navigation mode. It is something that certainly allows a really comfortable operation for users. With this function in Google Maps, we will be able to share this location in social networks or in messaging applications in a very simple way.

Therefore, you just have to follow a couple of steps inside the app on Android. You will not have any problem to make use of it. You just have to follow the steps shown below:

Share location with Google Maps

First of all we have to start navigation in the application. Therefore, we must enter the destination we want in Google Maps and start moving in that direction. It can be walking, or by car in this regard. But we have to be within this navigation mode in the application, in order to make use of this specific function. Once the navigation has started, we look at the bottom of the screen.

Share location Google Maps

Since there we find several icons available. On the right, we find the icon of an upward arrow, on which we have to press at that time. There are cases in which you may not get the icon, then press on the screen, so that these icons will come out again. When we click on this option, a series of new options will appear under the menu. We will be able to see that the First of the options that comes out in this list is called Say where are you going. This is the function that interests us right now. Since it is the feature of Google Maps that will allow us to share this location at that time with our friends. We therefore click on it.

When we have pressed this option, we will see that at the bottom of the screen a small menu opens. In it we have options to choose the way in which we want to share this site where we are. We can bet on using the messaging apps, as shown in that case. In this sense, each user must choose the option they deem most convenient to share. We can also see that contacts come out directly, with their phone number. In any case, choose what you find most comfortable.

If we bet on a messaging app, once we have selected the app, we will have to choose the contact or conversation in which to send this location. Google Maps will create a link, so that the person in that chat will click on it. Then, the maps app opens on your screen, so that you will be able to see the location. This allows that person to go to be able to see in real time the location where you are. Very easy to use and it can certainly be very useful for Android users. Have you ever used this function?

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