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How to record conversations and phone calls on Android


How to record conversations and phone calls on Android

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August 17, 2015

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They could exist numerous motives whereby a user wants to record a phone call. The scale is wide and can range from the need to gather evidence for a trial, to conduct telephone interviews and then have a copy of the conversation to work on it. Regardless of what our goals are, it is good to know that there is a simple and free way to generate copies of all calls we make and these will be stored in the memory of our device.

We have specifically tested two tools To record calls. Each has its positive points where they stand out from the other, however, both offer good quality in their free version. Then both have a payment method that extends the functions. If we need this feature to work, for example, acquire any of the two variants of payment It may be interesting, however, to make a timely or sporadic use it will not really be necessary to pay for the application.

Automatic Call Recorder, download and basic features

From Automatic Call Recorder (or Call Recorder, as it has been translated in Castilian) we like many things, for example, it has a clean style interface material design, is free and intuitive. In addition, it automatically synchronizes with Google Drive Y Dropbox to upload conversations to our cloud account.

Call recorder

Call recorder

The sound recording is of great quality, however, we found a small "but" and it cannot be installed on tablets that do not incorporate phone function. One might think, what else does it not work if we are talking on a tablet strangely on the phone? what happens is that we will also be losing the possibility to save calls by Skype or by Hangouts.

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As we say, in the Play Store we will find a basic free version and a paid version whose price is 5.99 euros.

Another Call Recorder, our favorite option

The other app (Call Recording) seems more complete. Mainly because of the fact that it does work on tablets, although the recording of phone calls It will always offer us higher quality, since this tool, like the previous one, takes the sound directly from the microphones of the device.