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How to install Google Black Dialer without Root

UPDATED: The latest version 28.0.231437689 with Black mode is now available to enable from the settings

In the following simple practical Android tutorial video, let's go simpler impossible !!, I will teach you to install the Google Black Dialer, he telephone dialer of the new Google Pixel, in any type of Android terminal that is in a version of Android 6.0 or higher and all without the need for a rooted terminal.

If you heard correctly, the new Google Pixel Dialer in its latest and newest version fully ported and adapted to be installed in any type of Android 6.0 or higher terminal without the need for root. So you know, continue reading this post so you can access the download of the apk and look at the video that I attached to the post so you can see both the Google Dialer installation method and how light and handsome it is.

As always before continuing with this post, you have to thank the guys from XDA Developers for getting portals as spectacular as this Google Dialer.

Having said that let's move on with requirements to be fulfilled in order to install the Google Black Dialer as well as downloading the necessary apk or the simple installation method.

Compulsory to install Google Black Dialer on your Android

(APK) How to install Google Dialer without Root, the Google Pixel dialer

The only requirement to install this apk of the latest version of Google Black Dialer specially adapted and ported to be installed in almost any type of Android terminal are the following:

  • Be on an Android version 6.0 or higher, that is Android Marshmallow or Android Nougat are only valid versions to install this Google Dialer apk.
  • Not having already installed as standard in our Google Dialer Androi, in this case the installation of the apk will give error and we will be notified as an application not installed.
  • Enable from Settings / Security, the options that allow us to install applications from unknown sources or applications from unknown sources.

Download and install the Google Black Dialer APK

(APK) How to install Google Dialer without Root, the Google Pixel dialer

For download Google Black Dialer, the Google Pixel Phone Dialer, we will only have to enter this link that will take us to the official thread in the XDA Developèrs forum.

Once inside the thread We will download the apk that fits our Android and its processor architecture as I explain in the video that I have left at the beginning of this same post in any of the two different ways that I explain, from Google Drive or by direct download of the apk hosted on the XDA thread itself.

(APK) How to install Google Dialer without Root, the Google Pixel dialer

Once downloaded and with unknown sources enabled, we will just have to click on the download notification itself completed successfully for us to skip the Android package auto-installer and start the installation of Google Dialer.

If you no longer had access to the download notification made successfully for any strange reason as you have deleted the notification, do not worry that just navigating the route Download with any file explorer for Android and clicking on the Google Black Dialer icon will also start the installation of the application.