How to disable link preview in Safari

How to disable link preview in Safari

If you use Safari on iOS 13, you have surely noticed that when you press and hold a link, the application does two things simultaneously: it shows a menu with the options to share, copy, add to readings, among others; and upload a preview of the linked website. Apple calls this a preview of the link, and if you don't like this option very much, you can disable it.

Although it is a very interesting function, possibly many users would prefer to avoid this preview of the link, because it does not want to waste data loading pages that do not read, and that is why today In Applesfera we will tell you how you can deactivate this functionality.

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Disable link preview in Safari

It's important to put attention on, unlike 99% of the practical tips of iOS, to deactivate this function you don't have to go to the 'Configuration' application, because all you need to do is find a link, and follow these simple steps.

  • Press and hold the link, without opening it.
  • Then a menu will open where you can choose between the following options: open in a new tab, download linked file, add to readings, copy, share and finally, hide previews.

Img 2850

  • Then, you must choose the last option called 'hide previews'.
  • From that moment, stop watching the 'preview', and now you only see this image.


When this function is deactivated, not only is the navigation cleaner, but everything loads faster. To re-enable link preview again, simply follow the steps above, and in the end choose the option 'Show previews'.

         How to disable link preview in Safari for iOS 13