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How to be beta teste of Android applications in a simple way

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Android users have the possibility to be part of the beta application program. This means being a beta tester, which will allow you to try many of the new features that come to these applications before they are officially launched. It also allows you to test the app and detect errors in it. Many users show interest in being part of this beta program in some app.

This is possible in many applications that are available for Android. Depending on the application, the process to be can be different. For example, the steps to follow in Spotify or WhatsApp are not the same, but in both cases we become a beta tester. But there are more ways.

Since each application can take a different system for users to become beta testers. Also power keep up to date with which applications have a beta program and what is not something requires a lot of time. So for most users on Android it is not something that is possible. Although the good news is that there is additional help in this regard, with which to do so.

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Because in Google Play we have an application that is very useful. Thanks to it, we can know all the applications that are looking for beta tester on Android. So if there are apps that we have or that interest us, we can be up to date on the presence of places in the beta program in a very simple way. Do you want to know more about this app?

This application we are talking about is called Beta TestingCatalog. It is an app that we can download for free on an Android phone without any problem. What this application allows us to be always up to date on the applications that are available with beta program. Those applications in the operating system that are looking for beta testers. So in a single application we have access to such information in a very simple way.

This allows you to have a good perspective on which applications, that surely there are some that interest us, they still have some gap for us to do beta tester. In addition, this app is kept updated at all times. Therefore, when new apps arrive looking for beta testers, we will be able to see it in a really simple way. So we don't miss anything at any time.

Beta Testing Catalog has several advantages. On the one hand, we have a great design on it. It has an easy to use interface, which will not present problems. Therefore, we can see at all times in a very simple way which applications have available a place to be part of said beta program. In addition, if at any given time we want to be part of this beta program of an Android app, We can join this program directly from Beta Testing Catalog. What makes it a great comfort option.

The only thing we have to do in this regard is to click on the name of the app that interests us. Then, you have to click on OPT-IN and then you just have to accept / become a tester. In this way, we can join the beta tester program of any application on Android. Really simple, it only takes a few seconds to be part of that beta of the application.

In addition, when we have joined the beta, this app will be updated automatically. Also every time a beta of the application to which we have joined is launched, will be updated on our Android phone automatically. What will allow us to test before all the news that are released in the app in question. If you want to try Beta Testing Catalog, you can download the app for free on your Android smartphone, directly from Google Play, in this link:

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