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How do I install (free and legally) an Android application that a friend bought


How do I install (free and legally) an Android application that a friend bought

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August 27, 2015

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We are sure that many of you have come up with the following at some point: “if my colleague has bought a game for his Android tabletCan't you lend it to me in any way? The standardized way of using mobile devices in principle does not suggest that we can share the applications, games or movies that we buy, however, there is a very simple way to do it. We tell you how.

The digital age is leading us inexorably to a consumption model (in terms of product acquisition) more and more individualized. The purchase of a physical object does not include any clause that prevents sharing with the neighbor, simply, because next to the object a guard should be sold to avoid it, however, with the software the matter is quite different. From a certain moment, what we start to buy is simply the right to use a computer code, adjusting to terms set by the distributor and limited by a series of technical restrictions.

Today that line tends to increase. For example, in the industry of "classic" video game The aim is to promote the “download” format rather than the physical copy and not only because the typical expenses of the tangible goods market are saved, but also because it reproduces the scheme a user = a sale. Fortunately, by applying a little ingenuity, we can still haggle that equivalence in some cases, without doing anything that falls outside the law.

How to share paid apps with friends and family on Android

It is very simple. We start from the fact that my friend and I each have a different Google account and I want install on my tablet a game he bought. All we have to do is enter the Settings Android generals> Accounts > Add Account > Google. Then we must ask our friend to enter his Gmail email and password.

Nexus 6 Android multi-user

Add an Android account

The system will recognize the user and will go to integrate your profile inside the device As you can see below, I have put my email in a friend's cell phone and now I can work with both accounts on his android. We recommend, yes, so that emails are not mixed, disable the synchronization of the "guest" account.

Nexus 6 Google Accounts Synchronization

The next thing is to go to the Play Store, display the menu on the left and both profiles, my friend's and mine, will come out. I can change at any time by clicking on one or the other, I can also go to My applications > All and install any content for which the other person has paid.