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Google insina the best camera in the market

Google has anticipated to the world the next star in its catalog, thus preventing it from leaking in third ways as with Pixel 3.


He has confirmed in a single photo two things: the first, and most predictable, that there will be an evolution of the successful Pixel 3 and that he will call ?Pixel 4?, and the second and more striking, which will have a multiple optics in square arrangement.

Everything has happened as quickly as unexpectedly, when the Californian firm has published in the Twitter account of the company dedicated to the hardware, @MadeByGoogle, the photo of the back of the device.

?As there seems to be a certain interest, here you have it; wait to see what # Pixel4 is capable of ?, a very significant text accompanied by a double photo of the back, in which much of what we will see on the device is broken down.

The first and most important

The Pixel 4 will feature a double lens in its optics and in a square distribution; This detail is important because there is no quorum among manufacturers on how to align both lenses, sensors and flash on the back of the equipment.

In this sense, if the forecasts are met and the leaks are true, the next iPhone would have a similar distribution of the optics.

The best camera?

Google does not want to lose positions in the battle of mobile cameras (one of its most relevant strengths), and is that, although they have not transcended more details, by the photo you can see a considerable improvement at least in the hardware section.

As is well known, Google manages to squeeze the optics on its devices better than anyone else in the market thanks to a masterful application of the software, which by applying algorithms based on artificial intelligence, is able to correct the photos in real time.

This would be the first time that Google would incorporate more than one optic into the Pixel camera, which is expected to have exceptional results in this field in view of what was achieved in the previous models.

The Pixel 4

It will have a double lens in its optics and in a square distribution. The other novelty in the range that is deduced from the image, is the complete removal of the fingerprint sensor on the back of the device.

According to OnLeaks, which was right in the design of the device, the Pixel 4 would have a fingerprint sensor integrated in the screen, although it should not be ruled out that it incorporated a facial identification system very similar to that of the latest generation iPhone, FaceID

Apparently, the Pixel 4 would continue to retain the ?notch?, with which Google would rule out risky bets on hardware in the face of the front camera. With regard to charging, the Pixel 4 would have a USB-C port, which is being established as the market standard.


It would officially present the Pixel 4 in autumn in an event in which the next generation of the Google Assistant would also be announced, which is expected to be much faster in the reaction and capable of using a more natural language both in receiving orders As in your answers.