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Gboard will adjust to the appearance of Android Q regarding color issues

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If we do not use the third-party keyboard offered by our terminal, we will most likely use the Microsoft solution through Swiftkey or through the one offered by Google with Gboard, the latter being one of the most used, especially on Android.

For a couple of days, we know some of the features that we will find in the next version of Android Q, a version that finally will receive the expected dark mode that many users wanted for years and that will save battery in all those terminals with a screen with OLED technology.

Before confirming this function available in Android Q, Google has been updating most applications which offers users through the Play Store, applications that are mostly compatible with dark mode, a dark mode that when activated, will automatically modify the interface of all compatible applications, including the Gboard keyboard.

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The best Android keyboard is called Gboard, it is from Google and this is all it offers us

However, if you are one of those users who use a color other than the default, color that activating the dark mode will be replaced by black, you should know that if you activate the dark mode, the keyboard will continue to show the same color that you had previously chosen, an aspect that some users can thank especially those who customize the appearance of their terminal to the fullest.

But nevertheless, for others it may not make sense, since the entire interface of the application should be adapted to the dark mode that we have activated, especially if we activate it when we are practically in the dark, since the blow that the striking color of the keyboard can give us in the eyes can be very painful.

Gboard is available for your download for free, through the link that I leave at the end of this article, it offers us a large number of options when it comes to personalizing both the appearance of our keyboard and the operation of it, being one of the best tools we have at our disposal in this sense.

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