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GameSpot Extra Life 2019: Calendar (Featured Donor: Kadithd)

GameSpot re-organizes its annual live 72-hour Extra Life broadcast. For three days, GameSpot teams will take turns organizing a live broadcast where staff members play all kinds of video games and help raise monetary donations for UCSF Nios Benioff Hospital.

Every cent that GameSpot collects will be donated to the San Francisco-based hospital, which has a dedicated and passionate team of doctors, nurses and other staff dedicated to helping children. By donating, they will be helping them and the children they care for. You will also be helping GameSpot achieve certain goals that unlock a wide variety of rewards, many of which are at our expense and all are for your fun.

Below is how to work Extra Life this year, including the new button microdonations and the battle pass. There is also a summary of the general schedule of the event and a list of approximate times for when certain GameSpot staff members will be in the broadcast and the segments they will do.

This year, the Extra Life World Marathon starts on November 2. And, as always, GameSpot will offer its live broadcast the previous weekend, that is, on October 25. According to our tradition, we will improve the usual 24-hour games. marathon at one of 72 hours.

Specifically, the GameSpot Extra Game live stream will begin airing on October 25 at 12 p.m. PT / 3 p.m. ET / 8 p.m. BST, which is October 26 at 6 a.m. EST. The broadcast will continue until October 28 at 12 p.m. PT / 3 p.m. ET / 8 p.m. BST, which is October 27 at 6 a.m. EST.

You can see the GameSpot Extra Life marathon this year on YouTube, although we will also broadcast through the website, just go to our homepage and watch the broadcast on one of the best promotional slot machines. GameSpot's Twitter and Facebook accounts will also promote links to the broadcast throughout the weekend, and also alert you to which GameSpot staff members will play in the stream below.

Although not hosting the broadcast, the GameSpot Instagram account captures looks behind the scenes all weekend, allowing fans to see what mischief GameSpot staff members are doing once out of camera. We are a strange group and we would love you to come with us to our nonsense.

How to donate

To donate, simply go to the Extra Life page of GameSpot. At the top there is a large green "Donate" button. Click on it and then complete how much money you are willing to give. You can donate as many times as you wish, and the page accepts payments from credit / debit cards, PayPal and Amazon Pay.

Unless you prefer to remain anonymous, also add your preferred online name or identifier to the donation. This makes it easier for us to thank you for the donation and for your help in supporting UCSF Benioff.

Also, help us know who to blame if you are giving money specifically to unlock one of the many donation incentives that will force GameSpot staff to participate in any type of embarrassing or painful activities. And speaking of incentives …

Unusual donation incentives and spikes

We have added a new type of incentive to the GameSpot Extra Life marathon this year: microdonations. You can buy a button box with a donation of $ 30 USD, which allows you to randomly unlock one of several different rewards. However, these are not physical items that we will send you. The prizes inside these button boxes are commands for GameSpot staff to do something silly and / or embarrassing, such as calling someone's mother or forcing two people to change accents while they speak.

For $ 15 USD, GameSpot staff will spin a wheel in the transmission. Like the button boxes, the wheel offers several different transmission rewards for everyone to enjoy. The main difference is that the wheel deals will probably change with each segment, since the rewards are linked to the game being played or to the people who are playing. The rewards of the button box are constant throughout the flow.

Legendary Donation Incentive

As you probably know, not all button rewards are created in the same way. Our button boxes are the same, with unusual prizes and spikes that make up the bulk of the rewards and a legendary prize that is harder to win: an opportunity to appear on GameSpot.

We have our first winner: Reyna Olegario, who is actually a former GameSpot employee, interestingly. So thanks Reyna! You are still helping GameSpot, even from afar. We appreciate your donation to UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital.