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Force dark mode on any app without Android 10

Hedark mode It had been years, many years between us, but discreetly and only in a few apps. Now Android 10 has arrived and with it, and later versions, it is a general configuration setting that affects the entire operating system. And what compatible apps do, as we know, is'inherit' this configuration and apply it. Thus, compatible apps activate the dark mode in a dependent way, depending on what we have chosen in the general settings of Android 10. But, as we advanced what happens if we do not have Android 1o? There is no problem, becauseDark mode, the app that concerns us, provides a solution to this problem.

Force the dark mode of all apps with Dark Mode

Dark mode give your Android phone, before Android 10, the?Trigger? What is missing. It is as simple as downloading the app on the mobile, which is free, and see that we have three different options:Day Mode, Night Mode and Auto. The first we leave the device and all the apps with the classic clear interface to which we are accustomed, while theNight mode is the one to activate thedark mode In all compatible applications and Auto will be responsible for activating one or another interface day and night, to improve readability.

At the moment it is compatible with most of the best known applications. However, not all work the same way, soDark mode is constantly updated so that not only theGAPPS, Instagram and many others work with the interface that we want, but also all those that are adapting progressively. Be a matter of waiting for some time for support to be added for pending apps.

If we have doubts, in the description of the application, in the Google Play Store, we can see the complete list of compatibility declared by the developer. Users, in the opinions of the same, request that the Dark Mode app be adapted to applications that already have dark mode officially. Without a doubt, it is a good option for what, as we advanced, do not have Android 10 in their smart phones. Which are the majority, obviously.

Dark Mode (for Google Apps, Instagram and more)

Dark Mode (for Google Apps, Instagram and more)