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Facebook knows where you are even if you don't use its app: so you can avoid it

A few decades ago in the field of computer science there was a company that looked little less than as the badly embodied: Microsoft. Before her, others might have had a similar position but so far we had not seen any that fit that idea as Facebook.

The amount of scandals and problems that the social network has, and that do not impact its results accounts, only makes the company's image worse. As we told you a few weeks ago, Facebook had begun to wash its image with multiple actions and today we talked about the last one.

This is a new option that allows Android users not to be tracked by the Facebook application when it is in the background and we are not using it.

Now you can choose when Facebook knows your location

Unlike in iOS, in Android we can only put the location services as active or turned off. Apple users can also choose to turn it on only when the app is in the foreground, that is, block access to the location when the app is in the background.

This is what Facebook has now included in its Android application, something that is not possible by default in Google's operating system, at least for now.

How to activate this new function

Facebook knows where you are even if you don't use its app: this way you can avoid it

After the application update we have a new setting in the section of Location Access what will be called Background Location. If we deactivate it, we will make the app unable to know where we are when we are not using it.

Facebook is even warning users that they can enable or disable this option. This new notification reaches both Android and iOS users; It is a kind of reminder that they can control the privacy of their physical location for the Facebook app.