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Dreams developer wants to make "Pro versions that expand"

Media Molecule wants to "continue adding and improving".

Media Molecule's next game-bar-game creation toolset Dreams It is currently in early access on PS4 and remains without a full release date, but it is already clear that this is a game that, if things go well, both they and Sony plan to continue supporting and expanding for a long time. Not long ago, they talked about having a 10-year vision for the game, while recently, developers also suggested that support for Dreams continue long after the launch of the PS5.

In a recent interview with GamesIndustry, Media Molecule doubled that, emphasizing that they have a long vision for the game, this time mentioning 20 years instead of 10, and mentioning that this is a game they want to continue adding.

"Our goal for Dreams last 20 years, and continue to expand and add and improve it, "said Media Molecule co-founder and art director, Kareem Ettouney." But most of the PlayStation model is designed for a game to come out, hit the market and get Most of your earnings in the first week, you know? If it's a great game, survive for maybe two or three sequels. "

Interestingly, Ettouney also said that Media Molecule would even be interested in making "Pro versions" of the game to build on its bases.

"We need to reach [an audience] and then grow," he said. "But it is definitely in our dreams to make Pro versions that expand. It just depends on many things that work for us.

That is interesting, of course, because Sony has not confirmed plans for a PS5 Pro or anything like that. There was a recent rumor that Sony said to launch the PS5 and PS5 Pro simultaneously, so it will be interesting to see how Media Molecule takes advantage of that with Dreams, If in fact it ends up happening.