Do you want a free Google Home Mini speaker? So you can receive it

Do you want a free Google Home Mini speaker? So you can receive it

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There is good news for those who enjoy good music and still do not have a smart speaker, or want to add a new one to their system. Spotify wants to win new subscribers and make its Premium for Family family plan more attractive, giving away Google Home Mini speakers.

As the battle between Apple Music and Spotify continues to intensify, Apple Music is still trying to keep its current position at the forefront in the United States. However, Spotify is hugely popular, and now the company is trying a tactic to attract users to sign up for a family plan: a free device. The music streaming company announced that they will give a Google Home Mini to Spotify Premium subscribers starting November 1st.

On its own, the Google Home Mini smart speaker sells for $ 50 dollars, while the Spotify Premium plan costs $ 15 dollars per month. With that in mind, receiving a $ 50 gift and, at the same time, saving money for you and your family seems like a good deal, especially if you're already subscribed, or if you planned to get a family plan. Also, add a new way to interact with Spotify if you're not a Google Home user yet.

“We are excited to partner with Google Home to bring the magic of the voice to our Spotify Premium Family subscribers. After all, it is more fun to share the music you love with the people you love. For Family Plan subscribers, enjoy those moments just improve. Now, at any time your favorite artists appear, you can simply say ‘Hey Google, turn up the volume! '” Explained Spotify Premium Business Director Alex Norstrm.

Once you have your Google Home Mini, you can use phrases like "Hey Google, touch Spotify" to start and "Hey Google, pause" to put the music on hold. When you're ready to listen again, all you need to do is say "Hey Google, Resume Spotify." You can also use the functionality to find out more about what you are currently listening to, with phrases like “Hey Google, what is this album called?” Or “Hey Google, when did this song come out?”. Obviously, if you are already in the Google ecosystem, surely you are already an expert in these commands.

This offer is very good to last for a long time, so we suggest you do not wait long to take advantage of it. While the company has not announced exactly specific dates, Spotify said the Google Home Mini will only be available to its family plan subscribers for a limited time, starting Thursday, November 1. To register or for more information and details, you can visit the Spotify website.

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