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Build your own WestWorld with the new mobile game

In April we will receive the new game based on the popular Westworld series to our mobile devices. A game developed by the own Warner Bros Inc. and with supervision of the series producers.

Westworld mobile It is a game in which, following the plot line of the series, we must manage the resources and elements of the theme park on which the series is based, Delos Park Training Simulator. Our responsibility being everything that happens inside.

Westworld mobile

As we have commented, we have total control of Delos Park Training Simulator: Creation, control and maintenance of said park, in addition to its inhabitants. We will also be responsible for creating and evolving guests of Artificial Intelligence.

Westworld, a theme park for some ...

In this evolution there is also the detail of satisfying the "human" needs of the park guests. WestWorld Mobile is a game in which we will also evolve throughout the game starting as a simple employee.

We are facing a game that is based on four aspects:

  • Westworld construction and control.
  • Creation and collection of AI guests.
  • Please the wishes of the guests.
  • Evolve guests to the most unexpected limits.

Given all of the above, we are facing a game that will put the players at the center of the action. An action that is very well related to the line followed by the series so that all those who follow it feel at home.

We must create and evolve AI guests

The game is currently in English, we do not know if it will be translated into Spanish. We are a few weeks after its official arrival, but we can already pre-register. Users who do so will receive certain privileges and anticipated content about the game.

Human needs must be met

A pre-registration program in which there are different levels, depending on the number of users will leave unlocking different elements. Whether they are characters or various packs in which we will find gems and aids to use during the game.