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Asus MeMo Pad HD7: the successor to the Nexus 7 with a 5 MP camera and Micro SD from $ 129

The Nexus 7 of Asus Y Google It was a revolution in the tablet market for two reasons: its size and its price. The seven inches proved to be an ideal size for many people, and the low starting price caused the rest of the manufacturers to have to put the batteries in order to catch up. They have taken, but little by little you can say that the seven-inch range is healthier than ever. Now Asus intends to mount another small revolution with his MeMo Pad HD7.

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As the name implies, it is a seven-inch tablet, with an IPS screen and a resolution of 1280 × 800. To run it, count on a quad-core ARM A7 processor. It has two cameras, the front of 1.2 MP and the rear of 5 MP. It has Micro SD slot and micro USB port. Surprisingly, the theme of the software is a bit outdated, since for now it only runs Android 4.0 and Asus has not specified its update policy with this particular model.

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As we see, the MeMo Pad HD7 It seems a worthy successor to the Nexus 7, to the point that it can be said that it is an update of that device with interesting additions such as the Micro SD slot. But the most striking is the price. There will be two versions of the HD7. A, With 16 GB of internal storage, it will cost $ 149, while there will be another model with 8 GB for $ 129 only for emerging markets.

Source | Anandtech