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Apple removes 17 malicious apps from the App Store

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A group of 17 iPhone applications were detected and removed from the App Store. After checking that <strong>They commit fraud in secret in the background.</strong> They belong to the same developer, AppAspect Technologies, and were hidden behind the facade of a restaurant search engine, Internet radio, BMI calculator, video compressor and GPS speedometer.</p>
<p>The fraud detection work was carried out by the mobile security company Wandera, verifying that the malicious apps contained the <strong>trojan clicker module</strong>. As stated, 9to5mac, this module is designed to perform tasks related to advertising fraud, such as continuously opening web pages or clicking on links without user interaction.</p>
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Ace, the clicker trojan generate income on web pages with fake traffic and in the worst case, it is used to consume the advertising budget of the competition, by covering the cost per click of them, without generating any type of conversion.

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The work done by Wandera, determined that for some time these malicious apps from the App Store, they evaded Apple’s review process because the malicious code was not inside the application itself. Otherwise, it worked by receiving instructions from the Command & Control server that allows defective apps to bypass security checks, by activating a communication channel directly with the attacker that is not visible to Apple.

For iPhone users, the activity of these applications accelerated the consumption of mobile data, slowed down the device and accelerated the depletion of the battery.

This recent discovery has ignited the alerts of the company of the bitten apple. From Apple have manifested ensuring that you are improving your application review process, to detect this approach and avoid important damage to the users of the App Store.