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Android Wear 4.4W.2 begins its deployment

Android Wear

We are waiting for the Android Wear updatein a few days and many of us have been surprised by the beginning of the distribution of the last version in the wearables with Android.

And it is that the LG G Watch has been the first model that has had the privilege of receiving the new system update 4.4W.2which is characterized by adding support to be able todownload musicand be able to enjoy it through Bluetooth speakers or headphones.

Good option to listen to music without having to carry your cell phone, which also will allow ormsicaoffline and pair a Bluetooth headset adding music reproduction controls for this.

Other added that we can find theGPS supportfor compatible devices, such as the Sony SmartWatch 3.

The distribution occurs staggeredAndroid Wear 4.4W.2being the LG G Watch, the first to receive it to which later the LG G Watch Ry will be added to the MotorolaMoto 360.