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Android Beam has officially disappeared in Android Q

Android Q

The NFC is something that has gained a lot of presence on Android, although it has been in the operating system for about seven years. The most common use today is to make mobile payments. Although it is possible to give other uses, such as sending files between phones. This feature was known as Android Beam, which has been losing some presence over time. In fact, months ago you could see what his future was going to be.

Google announced that they stopped working on Android Beam. A news that made it clear that he didn't have much time left. Something that is confirmed now with the new Android Q beta. Since this feature finally disappears from the operating system. You just send files in NFC via phones.

It was something that could be seen coming, considering that the development of Android Beam had already been abandoned. But it is still news that many are surprised. As sending files via NFC will no longer be a possibility with Android Q. A change of importance in the operating system.

Android Beam

In the new beta there is no trace of it. Therefore, some media have contacted Google, to confirm if this was so. Something that the company has finally confirmed. So that Android Pie is the latest version in which this compatibility exists.

While it is a change that many will not value, you have to keep in mind that Android Beam was something that was hardly used in phones. Most users have other methods to send files Between the phones So this function is something that has lost a lot of ground and there was no point in maintaining.

Android Q is leaving us with changes these days, as more things are discovered thanks to this new beta of the operating system. So we will see what other news are coming in these coming days. What do you think about the disappearance of Android Beam?

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