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An unexpected migratory flight of an eagle left Russian scientists without funds for the expensive roaming charge

The study of migratory flights of the eagles with monitoring devices with GPS and SMS can be very expensive if you do not take into account the unexpected routes that birds take Credit: Raptor Research and Conservation Network

When traveling to another country, users of
mobile phone
 usually have the collection to verify
the cost of roaming, as the use of connectivity abroad is known to make calls or access the Internet. However, migratory birds monitored by GPS systems and mobile connectivity do not repair these details and left a heavy bill for the high international rate of using SMS.

A group of Russian researchers equipped a series of earrings with transmitters with GPS and SMS to know their migratory behavior between southern Russia and Kazakhstan. However, a particular species unexpectedly returned to Irn and Pakistn, a behavior that had a strong impact on the project budget, because in these countries the cost of SMS is much higher.

The eagles next to the device with GPS and SMS sendingThe earrings next to the device with GPS and SMS sending Credit: Raptor Research and Conservation Network

"This left us with almost no money, and we had to request a loan to pay the bills and support the monitoring project,"
said Igor Karyaki, one of the members of the
Network of Conservation and Research of raptors in Russia.

Despite the problems faced by the researchers, the mobile phone company MegaFon offered to reimburse the fees paid after learning about the case and offered a lower differential cost to maintain the monitoring of the birds. For its part, a group of enthusiasts who support the initiative managed to raise about 100 thousand rubles, about 1600 dollars that will cover the roaming costs generated by the earrings until the end of the year, according to the researchers' forecast.

The map with the eagles tracking and the flight path of some species that arrived in Iran and PakistanThe map with the tracking of the eagles and the flight path of some species that arrived in Irn and Pakistn

After this inconvenience, researchers will be able to continue monitoring the eagles, their migratory movements and their passage through safe areas, without having to worry about excessive roaming costs due to the unexpected trip of one of the raptors.