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A strange object has come to Pokmon GO and nobody knows what it is

Pokemon Go object

Pokmon GO is in the middle of a Halloween event with many surprises, something that at the moment has not prevented the company from continuing to make important announcements. A few days ago we learned that the Pokmon League arrive at the game very soon and now we learned that there is a new object in Pokemon GO.

Professor Willow has sent a report on what he has called "a threat in the shade." After his new investigation related to Team GO Rocket has discovered a new object, but we still don't know what it can be used for.

A new object in Pokmon GO

For several months now Team Rocket has invaded Pokemon GO and we can face your minions and release the Pokmon They have become evil creatures. However, now they may have a new evil and mysterious object.

team rocket

This is Professor Willow's full report:

Mysterious components

While investigating these invasions, I have noticed the existence of these strange objects that Team GO Rocket Recruits leave behind after their defeat in combat. Throughout this report, I refer to them as mysterious components. The exterior of these objects seems to be made of some kind of metallic alloy and are cold to the touch. Glass screens radiate violet colors. I have touched the screen of one of the objects to see if it reacts, but nothing has happened.

I have a feeling that Team GO Rocket Recruits have been using some type of device to invade the Pokparadas and collect resources. According to my inquiries, it seems that these mysterious components that I have found may serve this purpose. However, taking into account how advanced this technology is, they should have another use. I have been working on certain issues in my laboratory with the help of the team leaders and I think maybe we can use these components to find out where Team GO Rocket is hidden. I have to keep investigating. We have to get to the heart of the matter.

As we see we do not know exactly what these new objects can serve, however you manage to defeat the recruits of Team Rocket you can get one of these objects that it will surely be very important in the future. Pokmon GO continues to surprise us.