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A fighting game with the best of another time

A fighting game with RPG dyes has arrived to our Android devices that will delight lovers of the genre. After passing through consoles and computer, we bring you the analysis of Skullgirls, a fighting game with all the necessary ingredients. Do we start

We are facing a game, which, as we have said, has its tour of consoles and computers. Now it reaches our Android devices, but will it live up to it? Or it will be an adaptation that is not worthy of the original game … there is only one way to find out.


Skullgirls: A fighting game with the best of another era

We are facing a fighting game that collect the best characteristics of the genre and combines them with RPG dyes. In addition to having a history behind solvent enough to engage both the casual player and the purest lover of the fighting genre.

Our mission is to defeat the rivals that we find in our path, until we reach the mysterious Skullgirl. A woman with an impure heart, who has been possessed by the Skull Heart turning her into a monster full of hate and destruction.

Skullgirls: A fighting game with the best of another era

We will fight individually or in a group, in disputes of up to three characters. In which we must defeat our adversaries or end up with more health at the end of time. For this we must be quite strategies when selecting our fighters, since as we will see later, not everything goes.


Visually we are before one of the best proposals that we can find, especially in mobile devices. Skullgirls is a game carefully to detail and in the graphic section is where it displays its best arts, never better.

Skullgirls: A fighting game with the best of another era

We meet some exquisitely made 2D graphics, full of details. Not only in the visual is at high altitude, but the animations are soft and clean, we will not find any pull or lag. Performing excellent in games full of rhythm and action in abundance.

You have to play it to understand the great visual experience that is this game

We enjoy this care for the graphic environment from the credit titles that accompany us at the beginning, through the menus and graphic elements that we find. You have the feeling of be playing with cartoons And it really is.

SoundSkullgirls: A fighting game with the best of another era

If the graphic section has left us a good taste, the sound is at the same level at least. We find a soundtrack that accompanies us during the menus, which feels like a glove to the atmosphere of the game.

Entering the action, the work done by Skullgirls developers is impressive. Together with the superb graphic section, we find a sound section full of screams, voices, blows … We have all the ingredients to fully enter the fight.