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7-inch Android tablets: The best face to face

There are more and more 7 inch tablets at an affordable price in the market. The first to offer such good quality performance was the Kindle Fire, which was recently updated to its second version with HD resolution. Watching the hit of that tablet, especially in the United States, where it is the third best-selling Android device, Google decided to create its own 7 tablet » and take it out at a price low cost, definitely busting the market.

After this, manufacturer numbers have been added to the car. Even Apple had to get rid of your policy of dictating the rules to the users and imitating the competition to compete in the market, seeing the sales that these devices had. Or, without going any further, recently we talked about a Spanish brand that introduced a tablet a few weeks ago.

However, this poses a problem. It is fantastic to have more to choose from, but, on the other hand, it is more difficult to opt for one or the other. Today we present a table that will clarify the doubts you may have. We will focus on the best tablets in regards to quality / price, always trying to stay within a tight budget. We know that we are leaving out many models, but we believe that these models are the ones that deserve special attention. Do not hesitate to share your findings in the comments.

Specifications and prices of 7-inch Tablets

Table 1

Table 2

The first four tablets belong to known companies They manufacture Android devices. The next four, maintain a good characteristics with which they can compete with the most notorious, despite being brands that we are not so used to seeing.

An added problem for these less known tables is the fact that you will find less support from the community, without specialized forums, although with finding a good post many times it is enough since it is usually dedicated exclusively to that device so it solve all doubts at a stroke

Pipo U1


How do you see, the cheapest tablet is the Pipo U1 tablet, although perhaps your processor falls a little short compared to others, it only has two cores. It also falls a little short of battery.

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The tablet with the worst price quality ratio is the Asus Memo Pad. A single-core processor at only 1GHz. It also does not have Bluetooth and the only thing that is worth a little more is the HD recording. The price, € 199 for 16 GB, the same as a Nexus 7 and is far from offering the same benefits.

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The Acer Iconia A1, it has a bigger and certainly comfortable screen. The rest of its specifications (quad-core, 3g, 5 mpx rear camera) They are quite adjusted for the price it has, only € 169, although, put to take some fault it must be said that its resolution is lower than in others, its battery is just as low as the Pipo Tablet and, in addition, it is a bit heavy, 410 g. If you tend to carry it constantly, it may be more interesting to choose a lighter one. This model has been so successful that Acer intends to release an updated version by the end of the year.

And speaking of weight, the FNAC tablet It is really very heavy, more than half a kilo. In addition to a disproportionate size with the rest, being larger than the Acer Iconia that has practically an inch more. As for the rest of the specifications, they are not bad for the price it has, € 130.

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<p>A little more expensive is the tablet <strong>HP</strong>€ 149, with good specifications in general, but a lower resolution than others, only 8 GB of internal memory and a <strong>limited battery</strong>.</p>
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