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Xiaomi is already the third world manufacturer

Xiaomi boxes

Not many years ago, mentioning a Chinese manufacturer was synonymous with cloned terminals or of dubious quality (and let's not talk about after-sales service). But in saying it now the meaning changes, and much.

It is true that there are still manufacturers who are dedicated to the same kind of products that we have been referring to just now, but there are more and more that make their own devices and very well by the way. One of them and Xiaomi, which is news because it has become the third world manufacturer in terms of devices sold.

Xiaomi was founded just 4 years ago, so this worldwide position is even more surprising considering the fierce market in which it works, but mobile with very good hardware,The adoption of MIUI as an operating system and competitive prices have become its main identity.Another turning point in the company's trajectory was the "signing" of Hugo Barra, former Google manager, getting the final push he needed outside the Asian borders.

Xiaomi's presence in the market has increased tremendously in recent years.Specifically, in 2012, Xiaomi managed to sell 5.7 million devices, at which time the company's boom began. However, the greatest growth came in 2013, where they reached 18.7 million units, although this is far behind the data handled about this year. In the first quarter of 2014, Xiaomi sold 11 million smartphones, 15.1 million in the second, assuming the rise to the fifth position of the ranking- and, in the last quarter, 19 million.

It remains to be seen if the company manages to scale and outperform the big players in the market who, for now, are still led by Samsung, which seems unthinkable, but let's be honest, nobody will place Xiaomi so high just a few years ago.

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